Guess Who?!


Yes, I am still alive!

I know I have been AWOL since June but I thought it was about time to make a return to Tuesday’s Wednesday.

I want to get in to a schedule of posting here at least once a week, even if it is just an overview of my week.

Baking and crafting has been on my schedule a lot lately, as well as a lot of makeup (everyday and costume) looks being done, which are things I would love to bring on to this blog. I have also done a bit of traveling locally in the past week so expect at least one post of my trip.

If there is anything you would want to see on here, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Finally expect a post soon for my new 101 goals in 1,001 days which I started on December 1st 2014, and ends on my 30th birthday.

Until then!

Peace. Out.


Start-up Saturday

First let me apologize for being AWOL during May, I took a short break after BEDA and then I went out and got myself a fancy case of bronchitis – which I am still trying to recover from.

Most of this installment of Start-Up Saturday are projects which I myself am currently backing on Kickstarter ( there is some REALLY good projects out their lately), and when I tried to find ones that you guys might like I ended up backing more.

To kick things of I will start with one you have probably heard a lot about recently.

reading rainbow

I am not sure if we actually got Reading Rainbow over here in Australia, however I am a huge supporter of promoting reading in children. I am that person that will sneak in a few books when giving baby shower gifts and children’s birthday presents. The success of this Kickstarter so far is just mind blowing.


This next project I discovered through Being Erin‘s blog, which I am so thankful she shared. I recently bought the Ruby Lomo fisheye camera from Urban Outfitters and while I am loving it, it is just a bit to costly and time consuming to have to send the film off to a company as none of the stores near me do traditional prints anymore. I have a Polaroid camera which uses the exact same film as this new instant camera (I found out that Fuji instant film and Polaroid instant film can be switched between cameras). I have backed to get the simple black camera with the additional lenses.

fhs fightback

A little closer to home now, Fitzroy High School (in Melbourne, Australia) have come up with what I think will be an amazing resource kit for schools on sexism and objectification. It is great to see in this day and age high schoolers being so involved in things they stand for, even more exciting when they are from your home state!

alexandria still burns

It is a secret desire of mine, and something which my friends keep suggesting I explore, to become a librarian. I love love LOVE libraries. I wish more people saw the importance and the beauty in going to a library.

manic pixie dream wife

This is one of those projects that I discovered while scouring Kickstarter for this post. As soon as I saw the name I knew I had to back it. I know Manic Pixie Dream Girls in movies are often looked down upon, especially by critics, but I can’t help but love them (one of my faves being Natalie Portman from Garden State). As much as I love them I can’t wait to see how Manic Pixie Dream Wife will tackle the trope in a way movies haven’t explored.

and again

Just like the above I discovered this while searching for projects for this post and just had to back it. I am the first (and currently only) backer of this film about love and time travel. If you watch the video then you will see why I backed it immediately. It looks like it will be a slightly quirky and emotional hug of a movie.

one million lovely letters

Snail mail to an extreme. Who doesn’t love receiving letters? Jodi Ann Bickley has a big job ahead of her but when it all comes down to it she is putting a little light into peoples lives so it will definitely be worth it!

feel good box

Another addiction of mine is subscription boxes, currently I am subscribed to 2 or 3 of them. I am also addicted to thrifting. This combines both. I like the idea of subscribing to a box where you get to choose the sort of things you want, however you are still surprised because someone else will go out and look for them for you. Unfortunately it is only available in the US, however if you do live in the United States I would high recommend you subscribe/back.

its just your imagination

I think the description speaks for itself. Along with promoting kids to read I also am a strong believer that they should use their imaginations as much as possible.

letter to a future lover

Once again a project by/for/about libraries. I am glad I am not the only one that sees the beauty in them.

That’s all for now I think, please make sure to check out these Kickstarter campaigns, and if you or anyone you know has their own Kickstarter in progress please let me know I would love to check it out.

Peace. Out.

❤ Bec

Wrapping Up (BEDA 2014)

Well here we are. The last post of BEDA 2014.

This month has just flown by, I guess having two weeks off of work in that time will do that to a month.

I know not much has happened during this month, but I have to say I have learned a bit about what I want (or don’t want) this blog to become.

I am taking steps to work out the future of Tuesday’s Wednesday and until then I am not sure how often or what I will be posting but I hope you all will stick around and enjoy the ride.

It has been fun.

Peace… Out.

❤ Bec

What’s In My Bag (BEDA 2014)

I thought today I would do something that I love seeing other people share, so here is a ‘What’s in my Bag’.


1. Collette by Collette Hayman tote – which I LOVE.
2. Staff lanyard which holds my work keys, USB, Staff ID card and (on the reverse side of ID) my Working With Children check card.
3. Four pairs of sunglasses in various cases
4. Stationary from my desk at work (since my stuff has a habit of going missing from my desk when I am not there).
5. Letters: two for doctors appointments and one from the government saying they are going to make a contribution to my Superannuation.
6. Painkillers, hairbrush, Baby Lips, MAC concealer, roll on deodorant, eye drops, hair elastics, playboy perfume.
7. USB stick, roll of unused 35mm film, 64GB memory card, coin that reminds me to take ‘One Day at a Time’.
8. Perscription for 40mg Nexium tablets
9. Two purses – one with only discount cards inside (oddly enough that is the bigger one which is also by Collette Hayman).
10. Purple Samsung (front screen) Camera, 8GB iPod Touch, two iPhone/iPod cords, Missing: black 16gb iPhone 4S which I took the photo with.
11. Mini notepad, notebook.

Short Little Update (BEDA 2014)

Sorry there is not much of a post today, I have been cleaning again – which I got it all done and now just need to put my massive amount of belongings away/sort out the stuff to give to charity/vacuum – so I am too exhausted to work out something for today’s BEDA post.

There is only a few more days left of the month – which means only a few days of BEDA.

This month has gone so fast it is not funny.

I have big plans for May though. It is my best friends birthday, I am starting a course on meditation, and I am wanting to get into a better schedule/plan for this blog. I want this to be a place that I am proud of.

If you guys have any suggestions as to how I can improve Tuesday’s Wednesday please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below.

‘Til tomorrow.

Peace… Out.

❤ Bec

Start-Up Saturday (BEDA 2014)




The World’s Smallest Post Service: DIY Activity Kit


Firefly Origins: The Fan Webseries To Bring Back Firefly


Help Melbourne Cuty Ballet Fundraise for their first studio

That Time of Year (BEDA 2014)



I love this time of year. Autumn in Melbourne is amazing! 

This morning I woke up and it was pouring down rain, everything was cold, grey, and wet. It was the type of morning that makes you want to stay in bed under a pile of blankets, read, or watch cheesy movies or 90’s/00’s teen shows.

Sadly however I had to get up at 8.00am to be at work by 8.30am (yep I am that person). My drive to work, in a taxi since I don’t have my license, was a relaxing one. It was one of my favorite drivers, and one who doesn’t feel the need to fill up the 5-10 minute drive with conversation. I just sat back, tried to wake up properly while watching the rain fall outside, the wipers go back and forth, and the dull tones of morning talk-back radio playing.

I spent pretty much all day in my office – which thankfully looks out onto a courtyard – wrapped up in my scarf, a warm woolen cardigan and comfy new boots, with a drink of hot Milo and dark chocolate Tim Tam bites.

The weather cleared up slowly throughout the day, turning from dark and dreary, to bright and sunny – despite still being cold enough to leave on my scarf (but lose the cardi). 

The best part of the day came on the drive home. My former office buddy and current boss drives me home each night. tonight the sunset as we drove down the hill/road where my first high school best friend used to live was breathtaking.

I don’t think I could live anywhere other than Melbourne. Well except for maybe England or Wales.

Peace… Out.

❤ Bec